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Show Us Your 'Rona Artists

Curated by Anna Gray, Claire Vaganiance and Laila Costa, and hosted by Bridget Kennedy Project space. Featuring 33 artists and their own thoughts and experiences of how Covid 19 has affected their practices, lives and creativity.

Zooming Artists

Works by: Adele Daniele, Amanda Croatto, Anca Nicolaescu, Anna Butwell, Anna Paparella, Anneleen Swillen, Caroline Thomas, Cecilia Lopez Bravo, Claire Vaganiance, Constantinos Papadoukas, Courtney Hogan, Daniel Von Weinberger, Elisabeth Drude, Grae Burnished, Helen Clara Hemsley, Jin Ah Jo, Katia Rabey, Kirsten Junor, Laila Costa, Macarena Bernal, Mando Bee, Mariel Elizondo, Marilena Karagkiozi, May Gañán, Michelle Stewart, Nicola Hardy, Patrícia Harsány, Paula Mahoney, Qiang Li, Sarah Read, Tamara Russell, Viktoria Münzker & Vivienne Varay.


Song: ‘Décolletage’ by Adele Daniele.


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