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Is Your Contemporary Jewellery Body Positive?

Coming soon to platform arts, Geelong from 3 June 2023

In response to a 2021 callout, asking whether jewellery, as a body-site specific art form should have an opinion on body positivity, a range of international artists responded with work and thoughts about the body in contemporary jewellery - physical, social and political: in concept, form and practice.



TempContemp presented 35 artists and their works online, as shown below, as part of the Radiant Pavilion Contemporary Jewellery & Object Biennial, 2021

In June 2023, a new exhibition at platform arts, Geelong, Australia will bring together physical and digital works from the original show. Join us for opening night on June 3rd, and our public program on June 17 for additional multi-sensory, interactive elements to the exhibition, exploring bodies and jewellery in 'physical' space...

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