November 23rd - 24th, 2019

Group Exhibition featuring Aphra Cheeseman, Peregrine Costa, Jessica Phippen and Claire Vaganiance


September 7th - 15th, 2019

The experience of the visitor will be at the heart of the exhibition we propose to bring to Radiant Pavilion 2019



September 14th, 2019

The sweet magic that our Paleo ancestors could never have even imagined: baked egg whites and sugar! Come out Saturday night, 14 September, 6-9pm to join us for a night of jewellery-ish-ness! (That’s the accurate pronunciation of ‘jewelleryness’ when your mouth is full of chewy meringue).
We will have one-night-only slices of jewellery themed performances and installations. It’ll be fun, irreverent, and positively rad!


September 14th, 2019

Melbourne Polytechnic poster installation as a part of Radiant Pavilion


May 10th - 18th, 2019

TempContemp Curator Laila Marie Costa brings 5 fab artists and their take on all stuff gleaned and plastique! Isabelle Azais, Lauren Simeoni, Regina Middleton, Renee Hope and Sanna Brantestad. Aligning with Climarte, the Climate + Change = Art festival, this exhibition investigates how Contemporary Jewellery artists are working with materials gleaned from the urban (and unfortunately sometimes natural) environment. An essay written by Pennie Jagiello will feature in the catalogue (available for purchase at the gallery).


March 11th - 16th, 2019

Munich’s loss is Melbourne’s gain! Featuring 30 artists, each with their own bold take on the problem we set before them. Schmuck/Schmock? (where Schmuck = jewellery, and Schmock = the ring of skin removed from the penis by circumcision). Confused? So were we at first, but one by one, our artists have set the scene, described the problem, and even offered solutions! Featuring works of, in and about jewellery from an array of artists across the globe. t’s all this and more! An echo, a critique, an alternative, and a bloody good show. In timely alignment with the International festival of Schmuck 2019 in Munich, but right here in Australia (because we have terrible FOMO) TempContemp and Northcity4 are hosting our own international Schmuckfest! Come join us at the opening party on the 15th, or drop into the gallery between 11am-4pm Monday to Saturday (11-16 March) of our special Schmuckweek!


9th-24th November, 2018

Do you copy…mimic or appropriate? Has your work been copied? Roger that:  For TempContemp’s second exhibition, twenty artists from around the world have responded to our call, exploring how copying affects and effects contemporary jewellery practice. Happenstance and the Zeitgeist, homage (both flattering and unflattering), copying as a learning process; a market and media driven necessity; and the unavoidable result of a physical and digital visual-reference-filled world We examine an array of imitations within creative practice, including the ethics and realities of authorship, authenticity, research and acknowledgement. Copying: Excusable? Unremarkable? Or a punishable offence?


August 24th - September 8th, 2018

Our opening exhibition! This exhibition was part of CRAFT CUBED: an examination of our home turf through an open callout and challenge, asking makers and thinkers of Contemporary Jewellery to examine what we each love/hate about our current landscape: To defend it, applaud it, question it, seek to improve, or damn it as they saw fit

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