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Tingyu Zheng

'Embrace the body you have'

In nowadays society, so many young women pursue single standard beauty, which leads to mental illness such as eating disorders. I have had this experience myself, so the series is based on that experience of the physical impact of bulimia, to describe the social situation of contemporary women suffer from single aesthetic standard and lead to both physical and mental problems.


This collection uses the cotton thread and the silicone combine with feminine traditional crochet technique to reappear bulimia patient's face which covered with the blood streak. The materials are offering an opportunity to wearer, so that they can closely get in touch with the disease and impress the viewer.


Two pieces of the series are worn on the face which are similar to eyes paste and mask. After wearing them, viewers can clearly see the linear structure of the skin red blood. The third one is a silicone ball fill up with Slime and places in the hand. You can see the red cotton thread in the ball by squeezing the silicone to show the pressure of bulimia disease.   

Behind the bulimia, what I am trying to judge is the situation of contemporary women's strict requirements for self-appearance in order to cater to the single aesthetic. By showing the most obvious symptoms of bulimia. I hope that the viewer can be aware of the danger of pursuing a single beauty standard and encourage people to accept the diversity of aesthetic.

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