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Susanne Boger

'Jewellery Sees No...'

1. Jewellery sees no size

An interview with my daughter about the jewellery/body pos. connection. She s active in the movement. I'm a trained jeweller. I'm a curious  soul. And annoying her with questions.

2. Jewellery sees no colour

A black and white photo of a toe ring with quite dirty toe nails. The dirt, the ring and the length of this toes still amazes me. I guess the dirt under this toe nails doesn't care about colours, neither does the toe ring. It s just a ring on a toe with dirt. I put it on a friend's toe, it seemed to want to go there. It's totally unpractical to wear. And at the same time, this toe wanted to wear it, what can I say, the body chose. It feels good that I made this ring, and that it s worn on a place of the body that is not so obvious and yes, again, it's dirty toe nails and it looks so selbstverstaendlich.

3. Jewellery sees no age

A photo of my mother. She s wearing rings from my series 'Pink Punk' with an attitude that I can only dream of. Nothing beats the story of this hands. The story of this body. Any size, any dimension, any material, she'll wear anything that pleases her.

Jewellery sees no size

 Interview Susanne Boger (mother) and Anouk Allemand  (daughter)

I am a classically trained jeweller, my daughter studied styling at the academy, and she is amongst other things, also active in the body positivity movement (@pandaexpres_)

Susanne:'I would like to ask you a couple of questions about body positivity and jewellery.'


Anouk:'For a start, I would appreciate if people would thoroughly educate themselves about various aspects of the body positivity movement, such as its radical roots, aspects of its history centered around black people, the original focus, major goals and messages.

How it gets hijacked by big money and big names, and how it becomes mainstreamed without giving credit to its roots and to all the hard and dedicated work behind it.'


Susanne:'What is your first memory about chosing your own jewellery?'


Anouk:'Indian jewellery.'


Susanne:'You grew up surrounded by artists,  dancers, writers, musicians, intellectuals and I often wondered why in our city this groups were predominantly white and how I could change that.

I am very tempted to ask  you now how that choice to buy Indian jewellery as your first purchase was connected to your body image and if it was subconsciously connected to your mixed heritage background?


Anouk:'Mam... It was on our local street market and I liked it.'


Susanne:'What do you like about your mother being a jeweller?'


Anouk:'Always jewellery around.'


Susanne:'What pisses you off about your mother being a jeweller?'


Anouk:'It takes sickly long for you to make jewellery for me'


Susanne:'What is the connection between body positivity and jewellery for you?'


Anouk:'It s a bit like bags. Jewellery doesn't care about your size. Jewellery sees no size.

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