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patricia harsany_sugar brooch 02.jpg

Patrícia Harsány

The pieces are part of Quarantine Jewellery series. It is a visual diary, where I created a piece of jewellery every day by during lockdown only using materials I find in my home and its immediate surrondings. I don't change their forms, only their contexts. Each of them has a different connections and Page 3 of 5 techniques. I research the ambivalence of isolation, reinterpretation of everyday objects, I explore the boundaries of jewellery.

As many artists I was forced to leave my workshop when lockdown started. Without the the necessary equipment I had to find new solutions, so I replaced classic methods of jewellery making to alternative techniques. Isolation was an opportunity to perceive better my home and it's objects around me and see behind them. I used any material and object I found in my direct surrounding, associate and recontectualize them to a piece of jewellery.

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