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Gina Nadine Müller

'Décolleté' & 'Bellyfold'

Both the Décolleté and Bellyfold necklaces are made from enamelled copper, steel and silk.  Silk adjusts to the shape of the neck, it feels comfortable on the skin, its colour looks soft and friendly. Enamel on copper mesh  is lightweight and translucent, the uneven colour represents skin tone variations and "imperfections" of  the skin. Steel wire looks rough and stubborn, it evokes the association with coarse body hair. The  shape of the enamelled copper is based on an actual person; therefore, it can be custom-made for the  wearer.

The two necklaces are parts of my series "Touching Points", a group of jewellery pieces and objects made from various materials, that play with the perception of femininity and sensuousness of the female figure.  


The human body and its forms are the main topics of my work. What happens, when I touch a jewellery piece, take it in my hands, put it on my body and wear it? Are there any changes, does my body feel different than before? Jewellery is marking a point between the longing to touch it and the inhibition to actually do so and invade the personal space of another person. How should I act? How do other people react to me?  I invite you to reflect on your expectations of your own body as well as the bodies of others.  

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