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Rachael Colley


Sha-green jewellery series presents food waste, in the form of discarded citrus fruit peel, as a biodegradable vegan alternative to the traditionally animal-based luxury decorative surface shagreen (ray or shark skin). This scented material comes alive when worn; as it is warmed by the body it emits a subtle fruity fragrance. The pieces could be seen as ‘cause jewellery’, as they are designed to draw attention to issues surrounding food waste and sustainability.


Rachael is inspired by her body and, through her making process, aims to communicate aspects of her experience as a suffer of the auto-immune disease systemic sclerosis, which causes her to have poor oesophageal function and places various limitations on her lifestyle. Her sensory making process enhances her own physical awareness and allows her to broaden her limited relationship with certain food groups, such as acidic citrus fruits:


"I feel very aware of my body. I'm self-conscious, concerned that it's lack of ability will be uncovered. I aim to communicate my experience, my discomfort through my work."

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