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Qi Han

'‘dessert’ or ‘people’'

This series of work originated from body and closely related to body.


The thinking about the gender and age of the body are triggered by several sexual assaults. Women and children are sometimes the vulnerable groups in the society. They are treated as delicious desserts under the filthy and colored lens of some people, and those would say women are attacked due to their wearing, and their behavior is too exposed and exaggerated. Therefore, the works about body are produced, which give the voice to women and children through shape, material and wearable ways.

In my opinion, the body, as the carrier of jewelry, exists in the form of participants and is closely related to each other to form a work of art. This set of jewelry comes from the body, can exist independently of the body, but also can be integrated with the human body.


Children are represented by innocent colors like red, yellow and blue. The children who are chained in the candy and desserts and want to escape form a bra, reflecting the wearer's defensive and rebellious attitude. As for brooch, which is closest to the heart, and shows resistance is opened by the heart.


Female themed shoulder decoration can be bitten by the wearer as if turning his or her head. When the audience is appreciating or wearing them, they are invisibly brought into the role of violence, which is a wake-up call.


Jewelry represents the maker and is interpreted by the wearer. Jewelry conveys concept.

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