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24 Karat Gold-1.jpg

Qiang Li

“24 Karat Gold” is part of my “Chocolate” collection which was inspired by the line from the 1994 Robert Zemeckis Film ‘Forrest Gump’: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” I am exploring the similarities between the strong emotional feelings associated with both jewellery and chocolate. The work is a playful brooch and chocolate container, based on a chocolate bar with a not too dissimilar name, refer “Kitkat” in a humor way.

The project was influenced a lot by the pandemic, both conceptually and practically. Life is full of uncertainty; you never know what will happen until you experience it. Some flavours are what you like, some maybe not. In terms of practical making, due to COVID-19 I couldn't get access to the workshop so I used digital modeling and 3D printing techniques.

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