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Anna Borcok I H8j tall.jpg
Veresa_Eybl_(D)Evolution_pt.1Do you copy

Anna Börcsök

Average Holiness…The Sacred Victim, 2018
Ordinary toilet seat, polypropylene

Budapest, Hungary

I Hate Contemporary Jewellery

Kyla Jay Murrihy

Contempt Jewellery Brooch 1 & Brooch 2 2018 
Recycled cardboard, gold spray paint, packing tape silver and cosmic dust
Melbourne, Australia

I Hate Contemporary Jewellery

Veresa Eybl

(D)Evolution pt.1, 2018
Sterling silver cuttlefish casting
2 x 1.5 x 0.5cm mass-produced engagement ring

Oberwölbling, Austria

Do you copy?
Lauren_Simeoni_Red_rose_lei_in_situ Plas

Veresa Eybl

Ceci n’est pas…, 2016
Photo print, stainless steel
5 x 5 x 0.5cm

Oberwölbling, Austria

Do you copy?

Hurricane Luke

Made Austria Stage Jewellery, 2018
Aluminium foil
Dimensions Variable

Melbourne, Australia

Lauren Simeoni

Red rose lei, 2018
Artificial foliage, poly thread

Adelaide, Australia

The Urban Gleaner & The Plastique Pt.II
Sanna_Bra_Thrive Plasique.png

Sanna Brantestad

Thrive, 2018
Recycled plastic toy, plastic thred, pom poms, resin, wire
9 x 9 x 7cm

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Urban Gleaner & The Plastique Pt.II

Niklas Link

Memie 2019
Paper, pencil

Saarbrücken, Germany

Sarah Schuschkleb

Cloud 2, Pin
Cloud 4, Pin
Cloud 7, Pin

Halle, Germany

2019-11-24 15.47.52.jpg

Aphra Cheeseman

Dust 1, 2019
Mild steel, enamel paint, mild steel dust, electrical cable
Melbourne, Australia

Claire Vaganiance

Leftover Stakes Series, 2019
Recycled silver, recycled brass, video
Melbourne, Australia

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