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Neta Amir


My Wearable Threads - are created out of thread scraps, that stitched together in a slowly process, in which the threads received unique shapes, the shapes are Anthropomorphic, animal like and abstract.


The pieces are attached together with magnets, so they can be worn in many diverse ways. each one can adjust them to his/her own measures, as well as compose different stories and scenes while wearing them.

The process of creating those character is initially intuitive which lead into original diverse characters who obey only the inner secret beauty ideals of the thread scraps' complicated mesh - those ideals are very flexible and changeable. My jewels are composed from these characters as well as laces created by the same technique-of stitching thread scraps together. Those laces contain tiny magnets stitched inside the lace ends, they enable to wear necklaces in few different compositions and lengths, so each person who wears them can adjust them to his/her own beauty ideals.

At first, I created the characters, as well as some furniture and household items I had created for them.

Last year when the pandemic broke out, and after long lockdown period I thought they might accompany people and bring some comfort for loneliness, so I made them wearable. In this process of I was thinking all the time how to keep their inner playfulness character, so I made changeable using magnets, so they can be worn in diverse measures and forms.

The following pieces are available for sale: 

Curl Brooch: $150AUD

Lady and Birds: $570AUD


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