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Katrin Derakhshifar

'Pussy Power'

Each ring carries a different symbol for the female genital, the vulva. Throughout history, many cultures had different symbols for the vulva, which was often worshiped, but which became more and more taboo with the emergence and spread of Christianity. Some of the symbols are more obvious than the others, but always recognizable. By applying the symbols on the signet rings I wanted to give them their power back. The vulva should be worshiped again by everybody.

The signet ring had many purposes throughout history; it was a sign of legal status, of wealth and importance, a sign for identification and to express what means most to you. It was typically worn by men, who passed them on to their sons.  So by adapting the signet ring, I wanted to give it a new contemporary purpose. Now the ring serves as a sign of appreciation of women. It can be worn by everybody, like everybody was born by a woman. Wearing the ring should make women feel empowered and confident. Like the various symbols for the vulva, every woman and her vulva look different and that should be celebrated.  

These pieces are available for sale: $320AUD each


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