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Justine Fletcher

'Meat Tray 1'

Meat Tray 1 brings together some key elements of my practice: reuse or recycling of existing materials, an interest in highlighting incidental pattern, texture and colour, and a feminist approach. These criteria tend to dictate my work rather than wanting to achieve a conventionally aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

I am always convinced that what I make is ‘a good idea’ and yet at the same time feel somewhat frustrated because I know I will likely be making yet another piece that is not necessarily ‘wearable’ or ‘sellable’. Meat Tray 1 is definitely an example of this.

I think about bodies to quite a limited extent in relation to the work I make generally. With Meat Tray 1 I am really happy to have achieved a work that juxtaposes the wearer (meat) to be positioned behind the tray, and that the details of the tray have become an aesthetic element in spite of having been designed to be for a practical use only. 

This piece should be displayed on a bold body who is comfortable with sharing the spotlight and doesn’t feel the need to explain themselves. 

This piece is available or sale: For the equivalent cost of a tray of supermarket deli meat.


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