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Jin Ah Jo

The work I am submitting for the show is the image of "The COVID hoarding cake", which was created by my husband, Kevin Passmore for my birthday this year. It is definitely not a jewellery piece but this is the cake for Jin Ah Jo, a Korean Australian contemporary jewellery artist. It was so delicious made my birthday so much fun. Kevin has created a cake for celebrating my birthday every year and I have included the collaged photo of it, "cake for 9 years".

When there was a COVID-19 outbreak we all remember the panic buying of toilet paper. In the end we couldn't see or get toilet paper from the supermarket at all for a while. Considering we rarely experience panic buying, it was confronting and is still quite shocking to people. Kevin's inspiration was to explore mob psychology through cake and it provided me and my family unforgettable memory of love, laughter and humour.

Want to see more of Jin's practice?

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