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Vivienne Varay 

Feint-Hearted is a body of work about the fear and anxiety caused from a lack of intimacy in my current relationship. Five years ago, I created a pillow and blanket out of white rabbit fur. These pieces were forced to reflect my desires rather than the reality of my emotions or experiences. I unknowingly created unwanted effigies that I carried with me for years. I am turning the materials from my past into objects of adornment, pierced by hundreds of pins and needles. The forms reference the sexual body, and the pins represent punishment, obsession, and anticipation. My work is inspired by my relationships and their influence on my identity and emotions. I make work about my experiences to express moments of vulnerability, resolving the conflict I associate with my materials and memories.

Isolation was an opportunity for me to begin new work, finish old projects, and enjoy my time at home in my studio. I became more aware of my creative practice and how my studio impacts my work. There were moments I struggled because I share these spaces with my boyfriend, who this work is about. He has been supportive through the process and has given input when asked. Our time in isolation together made it possible for him to be part of the development of this work.

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