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Mariel Elizondo

"Bad news turns into good news", is a necklace made from materials that we all have at home. The design concept is based on the news that is everywhere, some fake, roll up that news that is not worth it, ignore it, turn it into something else. Small pieces of newspaper were used in different sizes, then glue was used and they were rolled until hollow cylinders of different heights were obtained, inside each piece has a cotton swab with a silver finish, the entire structure that makes the necklace keep stable is made of stainless steel wire.

The experience behind this piece of jewelry refers to all the news that travels in seconds around the world, these days with the pandemic in all places the sad and bad news has been present daily, the idea of the necklace is to make a change with this news. This necklace was made with materials that I had in my house, quickly and easily, with the isolation being able to be in the workshop making jewelry in metal and precious stones wasn't an option, but we can always use something that we have nearby to create jewelry. Behind this piece of jewelry there is also a personal story, I elaborated it on May 6, at this moment when I made it I wanted to feel happy although the situation wasn't the happiest in my life, hours later my father died, but this was the last piece he saw of his jeweler daughter, of whom he was very proud.

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