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Constantinos Papadoukas

"As Aristoteles states, only a beast or a god can be delighted to live in solitude. Sacred Spaces is a series of sculpture – jewelry that was galvanized during the COVID-19 quarantine. However, the tranquil arches inspired from various religious temples and repetitive custodial rails explore further notions. The quarantine has come as a confirmation of many already accepted forms of living, such as the isolation through social media, the rise of the ego, detachment from nature and the admiration of the image. The enforced isolation has forced to us to an introspection, one that came unexpectedly and without perhaps the required emotional provisions to encounter, are we thus eager to escape from seclusion or an inner aloneness. Niche has added or in a way contrasted Aristoteles’s statement that a philosopher or a person of spirituality, can only through isolation reach enlightenment, enhancing the aspect of contemplation. It is within these two states - contradictions that Sacred Spaces emerge, creating a sense of welcome and confinement at the same time, direction and senses entangled, fragile bodies yet unassailable."

"The particular series was created during the quarantine implemented in Greece during the pandemic. Materials where sparse in the studio, so sketching and digital design where the main focus. The isolation forced an introspective, the drawings created resembled sacred spaces, monasteries or churches, places of peace and inner resonance. As the quarantine progressed the lack of touch became apparent in the drawings, hands and body parts being incorporated in these spaces. The pieces are a visualization of isolation, of inner piece and discovery but also of the lack and need for human touch."

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