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Codie Decottignies

'Couvrez moi ce sein que je ne saurais voir'

Body positivism is for me, a state of mind where people accept their bodies the way they are, being inside or outside the standards. 

In my opinion, to appropriate our own body is crucial to live freely. We have the right to love it, to hate it, to show it or to hide it without anyone telling us their opinion. 

Accepting our differences is accepting that it’s them that make us unique, that make us. 

Breast is an element that I often use in my creations: big, small, dull, firm, asymmetrical… each are different and unique. 

I use contemporary jewellery to represent body diversity, but also to remind people that we may be all different and unique, we are all equal. 


Because the Human body is one of my principal inspiration, few of my jewels are made from Human material, such as hairs (“Flamboyant”) and some are really enlightened only when they are worn on a body. That’s the case of “Couvrez moi ce sein que je ne saurais voir”. 

“Couvrez moi ce sein que je ne saurais voir” (“Cover up that bosom, which I can’t endure to look on” – Molière: Tartuffe) Is a silver brooch, with freshwater pearls and spun glass beads. 

The breast shaped glass bead is hidden under a freshwater pearls curtain and unveils only when the body it sits on pushes the bead out of the curtain. As a matter of fact, the way the body moves and lives make the breast less or more visible: the jewel dances and plays with the body.    


My jewel is a praise to emancipated women. The freshwater pearls reflects the classic, clear, luminous, smooth and wise side of women. It contrast with the oval shape that recalls a female sex with the breast shaped glass bead depicting the clitoris, which is a contemporary symbol of women freedom and their right to own their bodies. 

This piece is available for sale: $750AUD


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