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Claire Vaganiance

Cultural Sensitivity Warning: The following text contains content that may be distressing to people who identify as First Nations in Australia.


The works submitted are part of a mini series of brooches I've made as my own contribution to the "Black Lives Matter" protest. Instead of attending the protest I wore the brooches individually to my workplace, a cafe close to Cranbourne, over an hour out from Melbourne's inner city (usually) left-wing community.

This year has been filled with protests and a microscopic focus on politics. Maybe because we've had to take a hard look at our personal and societal priorities. Who is most supported and who falls through the cracks. I've found myself become more active in sharing information through social media and breaking down what it means with my predominantly white friends and followers.

My aim was to wear these as an invitation to have a conversation surrounding the racial inequalities the Indigenous peoples of our country face, highlighting what is happening in America mirrors both in action and language the violence inflicted onto Australia's First Nation peoples. 435 was the number of indigenous deaths in police custody since 1991 at the time of making the brooch, a number that has already increased to 440+ since I made that brooch.

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