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Be Garcia

'Not to be Measured '

The “Not to be measured” body piece aims to be a celebration of beauty far beyond oppressing measures, sizes and unreachable aesthetic canons. 

This is why, through humour and a certain kind of defiance, this body piece uses a measuring tape -almost as a gemstone- tangled around a pearl necklace, changing the traditional use of both of them. 

The measuring tape will be unable to measure –and therefore judge- any kind of body, since it is twined around the necklace as an adornment, or even a trophy. And the pearl necklace itself works in a different way from it usually does. This is due to the fact that, in this body piece, the pearls are connected to a chain. And therefore, instead of being the protagonists of the piece, they are a part of it. Just like normative beauty is only one of the many kinds of beauty that exist. 

And this is why this body piece can be worn in different ways on different parts of our bodies, in order to fit all of them and the way they prefer. In fact, anyone could wear the piece as a necklace –with different lengths and positions- or as piece for the waist, or any other way they can imagine. 

Because we are not to be measured, but to be free and proud of ourselves. 


Most of the time, we think of our bodies as containers of beauty. The more beauty they contain, the better they are. And many of us usually forget that our bodies are much more than that. Our bodies are life, feelings and stories, but we insist on making them victims of unreal beauty canons. And that is what this work wants to fight. 

Beauty canons have been present and pressing people all along history, but nowadays their effect on society seems to be particularly dramatic. People of all ages are worried about their weight, their shape, their measures and sizes –that most probably will never fit the advertising and social media standards-, without noticing any of the wonderful peculiarities that make them truly and deeply beautiful. 

Our bodies are beautiful for many reasons and in many different ways, this is the statement I intend to expose with this work. 

When a measuring tape loses its purpose and becomes a flag of rebellion against an oppressing system, we are not only body positive, but we can be free of those superficial chains that may be so heavy and destructive. 

This is why this works aims –and needs- to be connected with bodies, no matter how they are or how they interact with it, as long as they are –or want to be- proudly free of those chains.

This piece is available for sale: $240AUD


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