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Barbara Tutifruti

'Santa Papaya'

This piece was 3D modeled-printed and casted in silver, then goldplated. "Papaya" in Mexico and some latin american countries, is a slang for pussy, so it’s a papaya with a visible juicy vulva.

My first sexual education was in a catholic school and I don’t know if today is any different than before but there is an ongoing theme around sex ed in catholic schools about guilt that I consider to be extremely toxic. I’m talking about the concept of virginity, guilt in pleasure and masturbation, censoring our bodies, real down to earth alternatives for having protected sex, sex as a teenager, etc.  


Years later I can confirm I am not religious but I’m reapropriating the adoration-to-a-higher-being discourse to myself and my body: taking care of me and my needs with the art of Iconoclasm.  


Iconoclasm rejects the cult of sacred images and destroys or transforms them. I choose to adore what I please and what brings me joy rather than guilt and sacrifice. I choose to put a halo on what I think it’s important, like a yonic papaya.

This piece is available for sale: $275AUD


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