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Applications Opening Soon!

Like everyone, I’ve watched the world through little curated boxes. While news men and political men (yep, still mostly men) try to bluff through their I Don’t Knows to the tune of overt personal agenda. I’ve watched the humans in isolation: creatives, artists, teachers, parents, couples, singles, make connections in little Instagram boxes and story screens. I’ve seen virtual tours inside jewellery studios. I’ve seen portraits of exhibition works in limbo: given a sudden solo appearance, where ensemble was intended. I’ve seen exhibitions installed and documented in empty spaces, and exhibitions delivered wholly in digital dimensions. I’ve seen jewellers bake bread, home school, landscape and dance, I’ve seen jewellers in the midst of a creative flow, and I’ve seen jewellers who aren’t or can’t make a damn thing. 


And in the midst of all of this, TempContemp were planning an exhibition! We had a different theme, all ready to shout out to the world. We were finding our feet as the new, ‘mobile’ TC project, and had reached out to Bridget Kennedy Project Space in Sydney, who wholeheartedly welcomed us with a space to crash for the next Exhibition… Then the world changed and things shifted… our theme seemed less vital in the current uncertainty - so we got together on Zoom, as teams do these days, and we wondered what contemporary jewellery, schmuck, bijouterie, Joya, etc, means in social isolation? And we’re putting the same question out to you, the makers and the thinkers. 


Show us your ‘Rona? What have you done or not done?  

Show us a poem  

a picture or a film  

a slice of that sourdough you baked. 


Show us your heart journal entry,  

your text battle with a courier,  

that time you lost your shit on Instagram,  

that garden that you grew.  

Show us your profit and loss statements,  

the acts of kindness you witnessed or shared,  

the acts of unfairness you experienced. 

Show us the playlist that got you through 


Show us what you made, what you didn’t make.  

What you planned to make or thought about making.  

Show us your COVID covets, your isolation jewels, your crisis jewellery, and what would a contemporary jewellery Pandemic looks like. 

What jewellery you wore or didn’t wear.  

Show us what it means to you to be a jeweller when the world is in lockdown, 

and your jewellery plans, ideas, objects, experiments, failures, successes.  

What does a post-’rona jeweller ecology looks like to you? 

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A special thanks to Bridget Kennedy for letting a bunch of rogue artists hang out at hers. To find out more about the Bridget Kennedy Project Space, click the link below.

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