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Annelieke Landré

'Eye Love Poffiness' & 'Color Confession'

Eye love Poffiness  

Is a piece of jewelry you can wear as a necklace. Only I can wear the jewelry on my face. The steel wire with the pieces of chain in which small zirconia stones hang marks the transition from my poffinuss bags to my cheeks. This emphasizes my bags under the eyes. The wrinkled loose skin clearly visible. This in contrast with the perfect picture where the skin is smoothed. 

At the ends of the steel wire, eyelets are made where the chain that keeps the jewelry in place is attached to. The transition from the steel wire to the chain is decorated with a setting containing a zirconia stone. 

Color Confession 

This piece of jewelry can be worn as a decoration on your hair but also as a necklace. The wire is made of gold with pieces of gold-plated silver chain attached to it. Tufts of hair are tied to the pieces of necklace. This is my hair. It is brown dyed gray hair. At some point I made the choice to let my hair go gray. This was a big step for me because I was convinced that gray hair makes you old. And I don’t want to look old. This doesn’t stroke with the perfect picture where everyone stay’s young. 

The pieces of necklace refer to the period when I walked around with a streak of grown gray hair. At the ends of the golden wire are two eyes. The necklace that can go around your neck goes through the eyes with at the ends a tuft of my naturally gray hair. 


Sketchbook Image 1

This is a picture of me when I was four years old. It’s a page from my sketch book which I made last year. A story about my search to myself after a wakeup call.  

“Mirror, mirror un the wall who is the most prettiest of all ?” 

What I wrote in red reflects the way I look at myself with my head.


When I look with my head, I only see the outside with all imperfections. In my head I make comparisons with expectations that I think I have to fill in. Slim, tight skin, flat stomach, round breasts that don't hang….. Like the “picture perfect” we are constantly confronted with through all kinds of media. 

I can also look at myself with feelings, with eyes from my insight (green text) I see myself as a total person with an inner and an outer. I am no longer only an appearance but I am a human being and surprisingly it becomes possible for me to see my beauty. I appreciate my body that has brought me where I am today. A body that works and enables me to do what I want to do.  

Why do I more often look at myself with dissociation (with my head) and critical eyes focused on my appearance instead of associating and eyes with compassion? Is this because we like to belong to a group? And when we look around, we only see pictures of happy others? 

The happy ones that show themselves on social media? Where do we seem to attach more and more importance to our outside? In a world in which we believe in the make ability of happiness?  

Sketchbook Image 2

Another page out of my sketchbook which refers to the feelings to want to be part of a group. It’s a story I love to tell my children when they were younger. The story is as old as I am. 


The central theme in my jewelry designs at the moment is “ready for fake off”. The series I'm working on is about accepting who you are without judgment. I did some self-examination and checked with myself what negative things I say to myself when I look in the mirror. I listened to my negative words. I have focused on the parts of myself to which these negative words referred. From here I started designing with the idea of showing exactly what is often covered or polished. The parts of us witch we make disappear with fillers, make up, plastic surgery…….


I expose the characteristics of myself that do not fit into the perfect picture imposed on us by society. I had to overcome something to put the sides of myself, I valued less, in the spotlight. Now I managed to do so I can see the beauty. These are the very parts that are mine and make’s me.


My tresiours I am proud of!!

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