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Anna Butwell

'F*** Ageism'

F*** Ageism is a celebration of continuing to rock in ones twilight years. An ode to being ostentatious until ones last breath. A homage to embracing the changes in ones physical form instead of Botox and a nip and tuck. It is about being proud of the scars and bumps and wrinkles that a life well lived brings you.

Often, jewelry, contemporary or other, is intended to enhance an already existing bodily form. It can be a celebration or denouncement of nearly any physical or abstract idea. Less often though does it take the form of celebrating what most of western society considers to be actual physical imperfections. F*** Ageism seeks to take what is buried in a bathroom cup of fizzy denture cleaner, cover it in glitter, and celebrate all the life that has been lived.

This piece is available for sale: $1100AUD


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