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Anna Paparella

Various materials have been used in the creation of the necklace and each of them acquires a particular meaning in the general context of the necklace. There are shards collected on the shoreline of the sea. Gypsum was used, mixed with hematite and pyrite powder. X-ray plates were carved and the rose windows of the Apulian cathedrals, set in this alternative year, were represented. The headphones represent globalization.


In a globalized culture, where everyone seems to be chasing the same goals, everything has stopped. And just when it seemed that someone had disconnected the current, the whole world managed to perform the same actions, adapting to the circumstances. Mother yeast replaced the office, the dishes broke in place of the cars and the plans and dreams in the drawer were trapped in the bakery. For a time we have lived in an ever globalized but alternative world.

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