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Anna is taking leave from the TempContemp project in 2022 to focus on making a new human. I expect to be back next year with a host of new ideas and experiences to report on and tease out in the context of jewellery-ish...


I am a jeweller and independent curator, living on the lands of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation, south of Naarm (Melbourne). I create and explore ‘jewellery’ in a contemporary context across a range of mediums, including goldsmithing, but also performance and installation, curation, discussion, exhibition and writing and through being part of a vibrant ‘jewellery’ community. 
I approach 'jewellery' as the collection and arrangement of stories, ideas and forms into narratives that incorporate and/or reference the body, ‘wearability’, and social and material histories and meanings that the term implies.  
My work comes from an interest in communities and human behaviour. I am fascinated by how we choose, as individuals to present ourselves to others and how our social alliances define our outward behaviours, likes and dislikes. 
Across my work, I attempt to get behind this façade, to unpick and explore our secret identities by playfully invoking inner demons, devilish drives, selfish impulses and reactive aesthetics.

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