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Anca Corina

'The sound of walking on a pebble-beach…porcelain necklace'

The suppleness of the paper porcelain necklace is preserved throughout high fires, while the material is transformed in a translucent white porcelain enriched by a subtle sound…like walking on a pebble-beach.

The shape of my body is not revealed in my image but in my movements, in my rhythm and my participation in the world’s mobile form. My sound is part of other sounds and they are part of me: we inter-are, subjects and objects, bodies and jewelry as things that define each other contingently, without creating complete pictures and final identities, but as fluid approximations, converging towards contingent shapes and dissolving again.”

     - Salome Voegelin, Hearing subjectivities: Bodies, forms and formlessness


The sound of jewelry travels, moving through and around materials and reflecting from surfaces to reveal the spatial dimensions of bodies and environment. Our understanding of the bodies/subjects is also shaped by sound reception - by the way in which we perceive, process, value and remember sounds, and through how we choose to listen, or not listen.

This piece is available for sale: $350AUD


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