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Anca Nicolaescu

When I was kid and not feeling great, my mom would give me her colourful jewellery box to play with. There were only vintage Czech bohemian jewellery and Murano, she knew I would try to improve their design eventually, and sometimes disassembling would be necessary. It was a whole therapy of colours, textures and sounds which would sooth me and send me to the dream realm. Apparently, I once expressed my thrill that “the treasure” will be mine one day...I guess the fever was high that day. I feel lucky the treasure is not mine yet. During these strange times I remembered our ritual of playing and altering the jewellery to cheer up. And I thought...Why not having modulated jewellery ? Just few colourful modules which can become drop earrings or studs or brooches or both in same time. Wouldn’t be great to have the freedom of redesigning your jewellery, having new ones whenever feeling the need with no extra costs.
 Or, if you don’t feel like wearing any jewellery you can at least play with, alone or with your kids (+10 years), assembling them. That would bring a touch of creativity, playfulness, soothing and connectives during isolation times for the entire family! Or, just elegance in jammies!

Rona Game is made out of round and strip scraps of copper and remains of enamels found in my home-studio. Two silver hoops and studs for earrings and two brass pins for brooches. The pieces are enameled on both sides and can be assembled with small and colourful aluminum split pins. Rules of the game:
 Make one piece of jewellery every day during the isolation period from 1 set of modules. Record them daily with a photograph and a text describing it.
 Record your feelings during that day. Is the piece you made expressing your mood, is it cheering you? Is it remembering you of something or symbolising anything?
 Disassemble yours and let somebody else in the family assembling and recording theirs. Each family member can play and compare their diary entries.
 No winners, just fun and shared emotions, similar or not, just like the designed jewellery. Wear them during your long walks, around the house or home dinners.
 Don’t wear them while exercising. Don’t wear them in the shower or while sleeping. Creativity and jewellery, the best survival recipe during isolation! Better times will come...

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