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Amit Haham

'Off Balance'

I believe we as women don't receive proper women health education during our youth-adolescence years, that brings a lot of shame, confusion and ignorance regarding natural phenomena occurring in our bodies which we don't attend to as we need.   All that leads many of us to choose the 'magic' solution, only common treatment, of birth control pills that in my case used only as a band aid, not as treatment.  


During the time I created the SYSTEM MALFUNCTION brooch series I experienced severe side effects for using birth control pills. It got me so off balance and had a poor effect on my day to day life.  I believe we should reserch for ourselves, consult multiple care givers and experts and insist on finding the best possible treatment for our bodies and soul.


This brooch is 1\8 part of a series I created for my final project in jewelry design degree.  They all are a part of my process dealing with my PCOS - poly-cystic ovary syndrome. Off balance is the main issue with this syndrome, and the word who describes it best. My hormones, feelings, pain, body everything is a big MESS.

This work is my body. It's a way to visualize my physical and emotional feelings and thoughts about my reproductive system, my body through metals and design. It's a form of healing, a way to accept my body as it is and then try to find a remedy, the right balance for me.

jewelry design is a form of communication. Through jewelries and accessories we chose what we want people to know about us, how much attention we want to attract and messages we chose to convey.

This piece is available for sale: $865AUD


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